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Freezing Empowerment

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Red Brunette Gals are wide-eyed for new innovations, trends, and quite frankly, anything that brings out the inner celebrities-that our own imaginations insist we are. Precisely the reason we jumped, sprinted, and whole-heartedly leapt at the chance to try the new #celebrity treatment that is the root of all kinds of chatter; Venus Freeze©

Ironically, when it comes to these kinds of "fad" treatments, Clara and I can be quite the cynics. We will wake up at grudgingly disgusting hours of the morning and work out like it's our last day on earth. We will keto-fy our entire house and starve our children, but trusting that there is actually a treatment that can have the same effects- without all of the effort, #blasphemous!

We ventured into Your Perfect Skin Inc. in Burlington, Ontario on a drizzly Saturday morning with a bit of a precarious and debatable attitude. Of course, we were excited to see what the hype was all about, but in the words of Public Enemy, Don't believe the hype!! We were not expecting anything...err.. miraculous. With our fab photographer Jaime of @_peonyphotography in tow, we ventured into the quaint clinic and - almost like under a Venus Freeze spell, we were greeted by a sense of serenity. Andrea Marczenko, owner and operator of Your Perfect Skin Inc. had a pleasant and sweetened demeanour. Your Perfect Skin is not like your typical "factory" #spa. You are the only individual that matters at your appointment time. You are not sitting in a waiting room being peered at over lifted eyebrows and breathed on through bee-stung lips. Your appointment is yours alone. Andrea is your personal treatment guru. Ask, and you shall receive.

RBG with Andrea Marczenko. Rocking our post-treatment glow!

Clara opted for the facial, and I for the tummy treatment. Let's just clear something up here peeps, the word freeze is exceptionally deceiving. This treatment was the warmest, and most comfortable treatment we have ever tried. It was actually a mission to keep Clara awake during her treatment. She kept closing her eyes and grunting every now and then to signify that she was a trooper and was still awake- despite her deep coma breathing. After Clara's treatment was done, you could actually see the softness and suppleness of her skin. Her skin was glowing and that was just after 1 treatment!! Had we gone for more, she may have actually looked as young and glamorous as.... well.... me!!

Clara getting tighter by the minute!

Now, as we all know, having 3 offspring can do glorious things to a woman's stomach. The battle scars can be a real point of contention for many. My skepticism was camouflaged by my tiny light of excitement. I was going to have a 20 year old, pre-baby, rock star stomach, damnit!! What could be better?

Zoom in, folks! It's happening!!

The tiny bit of excitement... can you see it!?!

Once the treatments were completed and we had concluded barraging Andrea with questions (which she answered like a true professional), we left our session feeling renewed, relaxed, and contented in the experience. Understanding that 1 treatment is not enough for complete results, the results we did have were enough to encourage us to come back and made us eager to see the final outcome.

When venturing into treatments like these, we can't stress enough the importance of feeling and being important. That is exactly what we received at Your Perfect Skin with Andrea. The boutique experience she offers cannot be matched. Her skin is ridiculously perfect, her knowledge has depth, and her bedside manner is ingratiating.

Check it all out at www.yourperfectskin.ca. There are so many other treatments offered, that we're sure that you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for and to leave feeling as empowered and marvellous as we did!

Your Perfect Skin Inc. is hosting a fabulous VIP beauty event. Come out and see Andrea and us at Paradiso restaurant. You won't want to miss it!!

To discuss your empowering options, give Andrea a call at 905.483.SKIN(7546).

By email: andrea@yourperfectskin.ca

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